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                                                                                       Wellcome to our web page:-)
















Today T litter is celebrating their first half of their first year. Happy birthday - stay healthy and full of energy.



We are happily expecting our little puppies :-) Just a couple of days until birth.

Send positive vibes for our Lia, for a successful and easy birth and for puppies to be healthy and beautiful.<3<3<3














Our Spiridomers.....sunshines:-)















Our T puppies gathered and had some fun :-)


Happy birthday to our brave Ringo for 14th birthday. Stay healthy and happy for a looooong time :-)


Our Lia is today 5 years old. Happy happy birthday to you our sweet thing :-)

And happy birthday to all of Lili's brothers and sisters. Stay happy and healthy.smeh


Our Didi is very kind and sociable dog. She loves to visit older people in retirement home and brings happiness and joy to them. Everytime she wants to be pet and loved. She is the best dog therapist with big sweet heart.

Our Didi is a therapeutic dog:-)


We announce the GREAT news that is the Lia's pregnancy is confirmed:-)))

For more info go to: planned litters


Last autumn weekend:)














Happy Birthday our  litter O for your 4th years old. Stay healthy and happy.

We wish you a lot of success at competitions all Spiridomers :-)


Autumn moments...














We are expecting new babies, litter U, around 17th of December. More information in section: Planned litters.

Both parents have great working potencial, lovely character, superb pedigree with the best agility lines in it.



Autumn meeting:-)

For more photos go to gallery, trips...














Neil passed the rescuing exam of the 1st degree in searching missing persons in the nature. She passed with a grade A

Since 6.10.2018 Neil is a rescue dog. Congratulations!!!



Agility race Koper

A3: Petra & Ac - 3rd place

       Tanja & Winny - 6th place

    Big congrats:-))


Happy, happy first birthday my dear sweet litter S :-)




Our last litter T...They grew a little bit, yet all are very playfull.

For more photos go to gallery litter T.



In cup championship Agilty Slovenija our Tanja with Inn and Winny placed 1st and 3th!!

Also Nataša Konobelj with Oxy placed 4th.

Congratulations to Tanja and Nataša and to all the others Spiridoms. You are great! I am proud of you. nasmeh



Agility race in Hrušica

A3: Tanja & Winny - 2nd place

       Tanja & Inn - 4rd place

       Nataša & Oxy - 9nt place

Bravo congrats!!!



Autumn fotoshooting - Kai >3

For more photo go to gallery, litter K.




Happy Birthday our boys litter E for your 10th years old. Stay healthy and happy. - Molly, Zaki, Elly, Sunny Izy. 



Happy Birthday our boys litter G for your 9th years old. Stay healthy and happy.



Our sweet little puppies are 8 weeks old.
In the next two days they Will go to their New homes.
We Will miss them a lotttt.... Be happy our cute puppies and stay healthy.


On thuesday 31th of july our sweet little puppies was 7 weeks old.. We have a lots of water fun:-)))




We have 6 weeks old. :-) For more photos go to gallery / litter T.



Today is one of our special day.
Our sweet girl, named Nice, celabrate her 4nrd birthday. .We love you to the moon and back.,️,️,️🐾

Happy Birthday my sweet girl:-)
Stay healthy and happy dog. And all the best for all litter N:-)



We have 5 weeks old. :-) For more photos go to gallery / litter T.


We have 4 weeks old. :-) For more photos go to gallery / litter T.



Our babies are now 3 weeks old and they began to explore the world around them, got the paste against worms and were also fed mothers milk.

In the upcoming days they will start eating less liquid and more solid-ish foods. We are in for a alot of fun.....:-)))



30.6. 2018

Agility race in Domžale

A2: Lexi in Petra - 1st place

Bravoooo. congrats!!!!


Agility race in Železniki

A3: Tanja & Winny - 1st place

       Tanja & Inn - 2nd place

       Nataša & Oxy - 5th place

Big congrats to all my girls!!!!


Another week is around and our Spiridomers are 2 weeks old now and are slowly opening their eyes.

But mostly they are still sleeping and eating. Today each one of them already weighs around 1000 grams..

They already have their pedigree and calling names: BOYS: Spiridom Triple Double Player- Luk

                                                                                                               Spiridom Thor -Thor

                                                                                                               Spiridom Thimotey the Lord of Thunder - Timi

                                                                                                               Spiridom Touch of Gold - Thai

                                                                                                 GIRLS: Spiridom Tallie- Eli

                                                                                                              Spiridom Tremendous Source of Love and Joy - Sue

                                                                                                              Spiridom Temptation  of Love - Tia



On tuesday 19.6. litter T,  was one week old.

Mostly they are sleeping and drinking milk....but sometimes they are playing, walking arround and barking a little bit.



Today is one of our special day.
Our sweet little teddy bear girl, named Koby, celabrate her 2nd birthday. Koby you are our sunshine, our love....we love you to the moon and back.,️,️,️🐾

Happy Birthday my sweet girl:-)
Stay healthy and happy dog.



Finaly we meet our 7 little stars. 4boys and 3 girls.

For more pics go to : Litters and on gallery/litter T.


15.5. - 10.6.2018

Last magic walks:-)


Happy Birthday our litter D. Today they are 11 years old. Stay healthy and playfull for many, many  years.

All Spiridom gang:-)



Today is special day, becouse our puppies of litter R celebrate their 1st Birthday!!!

Soo, we wish them a lots of love, happynes and health>3<3>3


More photos of litter R in gallery:-)


Collage of last few days:-)



We announce the GREAT news that is the pregnancy is confirmed:-)))



Agility race in Celje

A3:   Oxy & Nataša 2nd place

         Inn & Tanja - 3th place

Big congrats to both:-)))


Our lovely merl boy Kai:-)KissLaughingCool

Photo: Kaja Lesar



Crossed paws and fingers that our puppies already grow up:-)



Our 3 little sunshine today are 6 months old. They train and teach a lot's of things. All 3 are very hiperactive, but still beauty and sweet - like mother and father.😍🐾
For more photos go to gallery:-)



Happy birthday my love Didi
You are my sunshine, the best dogy ever. Stay healthy, happy and naughty for many, many years.💝💝💝🐕🎂🎉🐾
For more pics go to gallery.



Happy B-day litter K, specialy my beauty Mors. You are happy and healthy boy and great agility dog:-) Congrats>3>3<#

For more pics go to gallery.

Mami Didi & tata Oriopoljub

All  Spiridom gang


Today celebrate our H- litter their 8. birthday. We wish you many healthy years and happiness.

And a lot of good results in a agilty competitions.nasmeh

Mom Criss and Tyler and all Spiridom gang



Our second litter from  Luya & Kal is celebrating today its 12 birthday.

All the best three of the most strongfull Lon, Luy and our Crisska. For many healthy and active years.

All Spiridom gang Kiss
















Our Valentine's girls:-)



Agility race in Logatec

A2: Lexi & Petra - 5th place

A3: Winny & Tanja - great 3rd place

      Molly & Boštjan - 4th place

      Inn & Tanja - 5th place

Congrats to all!!!