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About Border Collies

Border Collie

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History of Border Collie is very unussual. Shepherd on border areas between Scotland and England here are raising Border Collies successfully for centuries. The kinology union of Great britain named London kennel Club started to take interest for them after the year 1976. Before They officially recognized them as breed, lasted many years, because kinologysts were considering at their selection only their great working abilities. How did they look wasn't important. For confession was important only the fact that they are the best cases of working dogs looking at the same body structure which is going through generations. Border Collie comes from North Umberland on Scotland - English border. First registered Border Collie was male Old Hemp and female Old Main, born in 1939. That breed was developed from old British drover which were crossed with Spanjel. The dog has also a little hunting line, what can we see in characteristic moving. Although he's oldest herdesman breed that the official kinology admit, but not long time ago.



Border Collie with its outside look doesn't make any attention, but he is amazing dog and he can easily do every testing on competitions of shepherd dogs or in agility competitions. Border collie is distinctive shepher dog. He belongs in collie dogs. he is very obedient, flexible, endurant, tireless and very useful.

They are very smart and beatiful.

He is often a winner on every year competitions of collie dogs. He is very loyal to his master. He wants to serve in any movement, he tries to humour his masters wishes and he is ready to do everything to serve his master. For owner is very important to have a lot of time to give his dog attention he needs. Distinctive is happy cute look which tells a lot about natural inteligence of representatives of that breed, which is known as one of the most learnful breeds which can be used in many jobs like drug finder, rescuer, companion and so on. He is very successful in agility, listening and other kinology disciplines, because he is very skilful. We can also take him to the exhibitions. Border Collie isn't a dog which will all days lie. In that case he looks alone a work which can be also a destroying nature, he can gets neurotic because of that the owner must give him a lot of work that can't come to the psyhical disturbance.

Some Border Collies (usually are that females) can have more shy, sensitive, untrustful and less temperament characteristics. In those cases we must do a lot on socialization and trust between owner and a dog. Only with right and persistent schooling we can get to the results we wanted - that is normally guided and socialized Border Collie.

Life Environment

He likes to be outside. He wants mostly to be close to his master - usually that is one person in family. He is very flexible and he feels good also in small departments. In that case we must consider that he has a lot of possibility for running and moving outside and he's using thinking - listening, agility, rescuing etc. Because work makes him happy and fun, we must give him work.


He doesn't need some special care. His coat isn't very complicate. He needs regular brushing, especially in changing coat. With shampoo we bath him when he needs that. It's very important to wash shampoo very good and we must use quality shampoo's. It's very good to regulary check coat to check for ticks, especially when we come from the walk in the forest.


He is lively, symmetricaly built dog, elegant and gives a impression of endurance. He is listenful and very intelligent. Agression and nervousness are not welcome and common. They are very friendly and social. In special cases is necessarry to work more on socialization (which means that dog must be a lot with owners, to go with them on vacations, through a city, on walks where he can meet other dogs, people etc. - dogs school..

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Body characteristics


It's very short. Snout is always black. Except at Bluemerlie Collies. "Stop" is very distinctive.


They have pushed apart eyes which are dark brown. Exception is only with eyes of bluemeries, where can one or both eyes be blue. Expression is gentle, penetrating, attentive and inteligente.


Are very flexible and half erected, positioned widely apart, weared erected or half erected and symmetrically.


Regarding to length of coat we differentiate long coated and short coated Border Collie. Upper coat is at both thick and strong.

Lower coat is thick, short and soft, which means good protection from cold and water. Long coat Border Collie has big mane on shoulders. Coat on skin and mouth is short and smooth. Coat can be all colors, but white color can't prevail. They are distinguished by white collar and on tail coat in shape of flag.


Tail is semi-long, lowly placed, rich coated. If dog is mad he puts his tail up, but he never carries it on his back.


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Because he has athletic look and because his body is a bit longer than his shoulder height, he is moving easily. Movement is lightly with minimal rise of legs from the ground, which gives a feeling of fast and easy movement.

Shoulder height

Ideal height for male is 53 cm, for female a bit less - around 48-51 cm.

Ideal weight

It's about 15-18 kg for females, and for males about 20 kg.

Life age

Average 12-15 years.

Zima 2007 -
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In my opinion and experiences, Border Collies are very good family dogs. But the owner must know what breed wants and he must know it's characteristics. For every future owners I recomend to visit at least dogs little school. 



Interisting thing

It's interisting that all kennels (at least in Edinburg) and they take a dog back from any reason. But if ex owners once export dog from island, then the legislation isn't allowing them to import the dog again. They claim that they don't have rabies on island. they say this is the main reason that Border Collies aren't sold out of Great Britain. Border Collies are treated as their autochthon breed and aren't selling them without personal knowing outside the island.