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About Us


We chose the name Spiridom for our kennel. It is short for spirit of freedom which is important for all animals and Border Collies in particular. Border Collies need a lot of outdoor activities, freedom, playtime and activities with their owners. This is not a dog to be kept in a kennel.

We are a family with 3 childrens and live in Ljubljana. We have five Borders collies: Criss, Didi,  Lia is doughter of our Indy and granddoughter of our Didi and Nice is doughter of Didi and Nice doughter Niki and little white dog named Kobi- Bishon friese.Wink

We love animals and dogs in particular.

I wanna thanked Mirja for excellent cooperating  and we want to thank Veterian clinic for small animals TRSTENJAK-ZAJC (specially dr. Zajc and dr. Kranjc Ajsa and dr. Savič and all "med. sisters") for excellent cooperate and medical attention.

We are planning litters for further time, because of that are reservations welcome.