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Now we compatition with Criss in A3 and Didi in A2, bouth are very perspective agility dog. Some videos, photos from compatition you can find on news and in galery.

V kategoriji A3 large tekmujejo: Criss, Ac, Ling, Inn, Molly, Ruby

V kategoriji A2 large tekmujejo: Didi, Irio, Saba, Sena

V kategoriji A1 large tekmujejo: Issac, Indy,

It is some kind of being with dog and spo

rt activity. We give together love to dogs, nature, relaxation and being with other who likes dogs. To many people is agility way of life and Saturday compatitions the way of living them.

The sense of agility is following parkur in the lowest time possible in wright following with no mistakes.

Dog must be in age 15 monts or older. The compations has categorie S,M and L.

First unofficial compations were in 1989 and 1990 in Slovenia. From then they lasted every year. Our loyal competition in that years were winners

also in World level of compatition.

More of agility you can find out on www.agility-slo.com web site.

With compatition in agility I started when I get Cocker spanijel named Tija, who was very live. That was the reason that I started to finding out and came to agility. We have a lot of trenings and we also were a champions. When I get Luya my planes changed my pragnency and I took agility away for some time.