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Frisbee is in Europe relatively young kinology discipline, which has been known for a long time in other parts of the world. It all started with a company which baked pies Frisbie. They baked them in metal pots, which students later started to throw. These pots had the engraved mark of the company Frisbie. Throwing these pots was soon called FRISBEING. Later, they started to make plastic models of those pots, as we know them today.

Americans came up with a way to play Frisbee with a dog. One of the most important boundary makers was Alex Stein, when in 1974 as 19 year old student, he and his dog Ashley Whippet jumped over the fence on baseball game and started to throw frisbees that he had with him. Today, that day is very known as official start of dog frisbeeing. This sport came in Slovenia in year 2007. It spread quickly and got some amazing couples, which are still involved in this sport and presenting frisbee to the world. With our friends we started an association in year 2009 called Flipsi. It is working only in Slovenia.

Main purpose of the association is to connect people so that we can build the future of frisbee in Slovenia. That's why we want for this kinology discipline to grow in a healthy way and that as many people as possible that are interested in training with a dog know about it.

Mainly it is divided into two categories, freestyle and distance discipline. smeh

Freestyle is when there are leader and the dog or two leaders and a dog. They hae 5 to 10 frisbees available. They make choreography prior to the competition in which there are tricks, jumps, dog bouncing from leaders body and various throws. The sum of tricks should be perceived as a smooth show.

Distance is where leader and a dog are competing, they have only one frisbee available. Throwing time is limited from 60 to 90 seconds. The field has marked distances. Points are gained if frisbee is caught inside the field. Longer the throw, more points it brings. Distance disciplines have more variations, but in it's core they are similar.

For safe, fun and successful throwing of dog frisbee, I recommend you to visit one our classes or seminars, which are organised all over Slovenia.

For more info about dog frisbee, lectures or seminars please turn to members of ŠD Flipsi or go to web portalwww.pasjifrizbi.si

Text written (originally) in Slovniean language: Urška Kramar CLICK


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