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In year 1999 I bought a bitch of English Cocer Spaniel which I always wanted to have. Of course we had in that time at home German Sheepard and because of that my wish didn't come true, because my family didn't understand why two dogs at the house at once.

Well, when I finally brought her home I was only with her, I give her a lot of attention. Because of that I decided that we will do agility. Before that I didn't know agility, so in that way it was all new for me. I remember that I started agility together with Ivana who had Pino and Toy, and Katja with her Link...All of us were beginners. Our trainer was Mirja. Then I was addicted from agility. All my savings, even my students savings and all my free time I spent in agility.

Equipment.. Well after two active seasons in agility with Tija we were even Champions.Wink

One day Mirja brought her little dog named Easy. I fell in love with him immediately. Something like that so cute you doesn't meet every day. Then I sad to myself that I wanted to have the same dog once. Then in Slovenia weren't any Borders. Easy was growing up, he became very big boy and for my eyes he was the ideal dog. Always I tell to me that I want that kind of dog. So nice, pretty, clever, lover of kids, live etc.

When Tija was 3 years old I decided to have one female Border because I prefer to have females...and maybe one day she will have her own puppies which I adore. Because I wanted a dog like Easy, just to be a female we went to kenell Alymoon to get our Luya. And let me tell that that dog wasn't cheap so I had to spent all my student savings. For my dogs I wish the best. My husband David is standing on my side and is helping me to get my wishes true. And now he is always there for us when we need him.

Luya is more gentle then Easy, probably because she is a female. She isn't so much temperament, she is more quiet..she is very beautifull and very good family member. When she was three years old we decided to have puppies with Easy. At that time we didn't have a kenell yet, but our puppies had pedigree and all documents that you need. Drop, all things that we needed for care for all litlle „sweets“ were fantastic for us. Luya is excelent mother. We all enjoy when we help Luya taking care for little puppies, when we are looking at them how they are growing, and how dificullt we give them away, because they are so full of energy, naughty, so they almost don't have time to play with us.

Breeding has addicted us. We are always happy to have more puppies, because work with them makes us happy.

So with my husband we decided that our puppies will be registred under kenell Spiridom, in 2006. Till now Luya had three more litters. Two with Easy and one with Kal. From last combination we take Criss for us, which she will have for the first time puppies this year.

We also had puppies with Tija - „Cocker Spaniel“, but later our female dog died, because of hard illness, when she was six years old.Cry





We, as I can say, are breathing with our dogs and puppies. We are breeding them because of pleasant, love to dogs and breed and never because of money. We are in contact with all owners of our dogs. We are planning regular meetings too. We offer to take care for our puppies in time of summer vacations. And we are always here to help you, if you need advice or help.

In kenell Spiridom we had four litters till now. All puppies are healthy and beautiful. And in future we are going to breed. For all of you who didn't decide about breed for your four legs friend, we can deal for a visit at our home or on walk so you can see the positives and maybe some negatives of that breed in person.