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                                                                  Happy winter time:-)





Today celebrate our H- litter their 8. birthday. We wish you many healthy years and happiness.

And a lot of good results in a agilty competitions.nasmeh

Mom Criss and Tyler and all Spiridom gang



Our second litter from  Luya & Kal is celebrating today its 12 birthday.

All the best three of the most strongfull Lon, Luy and our Crisska. For many healthy and active years.

All Spiridom gang Kiss
















Our Valentine's girls:-)



Agility race in Logatec

A2: Lexi & Petra - 5th place

A3: Winny & Tanja - great 3rd place

      Molly & Boštjan - 4th place

      Inn & Tanja - 5th place

Congrats to all!!!



Our three sunshine from litter M -  are 4 years old today.

We wish you many many healthy and happy yearS:-)

All Spiridom gang and father Chapnasmeh


Our R-litter are 8 months old today...they are allready big puppies. kaže jezik

All are healthy and full of energy.  In galery you can see more pics...litter R.



Our litter S-puppies are 3 months old.:-) All three are healthy and very nice:-)

For more pics look on galery....litter S.



Happy 9th birthday dear litter F. Stay good and healthy and sweet.

Criss & Ice and all Spiridom gang:-)


New Year walk in Dolenjska,  Podgurje to Miha and Sky:-) We enjoy with Jasna and Oxy and Anja and Nyx .

Big thank you to  Miha and all company,  we spend great time together. Laughing


Happy 2nd birthday dear litter P. Stay good and healthy and sweet.


Sia, Sky and Sid they have gone to their new loving homes.:-)

Spiridom LeeLoo (Lia) x Shadow of Aire On-Off (App)

More about litter S you can see in section : planned litter and litter- litter S.

Photos are on gallery- litter S.



Happy 6th birthday dear litter J. Stay good and healthy and sweet.

Didi and May send lots of kisses and best wishes for all to you.



Agility race - winter cup

A2 large: Petra & Lexi - 6th place

A3 large: Boštjan & Molly - 9th place

                Tanja & Winny - 10th place

                Tanja & Inn - 11th place

Congrats to all of you:-)



Today our little S-sunshines are 8 weeks old. Our time together is sadly running out slowly :-(((

This week we need to vaccine, chip... but above all, lots playing, kissing, snuggling.

Thaaaank yoooouuu Jure and Jack for photos and super active saturday afternoon at agility course :-)


Happy birthday dear litter L. Stay good and healthy and sweet.

Indy and Loox send lots of kisses and best wishes for all to you.

Congrats all to very successfull season in agility!!!


Sia, Sky and Sid today are 7 weeks old.  


Our little babies are 6 weeks old..  More photos are in galery.














Happy birthday for first mounth my little sweet babies.

More photos are in gallery and in litter/litters S.



Yesterday 31.10.2017 our three little sunshines were three weeks old. They are more lively and loud every day.

They were dewormed for the first time. Because they are gaining weight so quickly, they already have around 1900g, they still only breastfeeding.

More photos are in gallery and in litter/litters S.












We were at the meeting with litter R in Šobec. We went on a beatiful sunny walk. Thank you all for coming, we had a great time.

In December, Chase is joining us :-)

Our R-ers are almost full sized borders. They are all very dilligent and beautiful.

You can find more photos in gallery in album Trips and album litter R / Misc.














Happy birthday our dear litter I. Stay good and healthy.

Didi and Orio send lots of kisses and best wishes for all to you and pleaseee send some new photos...:-)))

Coingrats to Inn and Indy for very successfull agilty seson.


Our super-duper girls:-))



Another week is around and our Spiridomers are 2 weeks old now and are slowly opening their eyes.

But mostly they are still sleeping and eating. Today each one of them already weighs around 1400grams.. mežik



Sky, Sid and Lint are a week old. All three are gaining weight rapidly - they weigh over 800g. Their eyes are still closed. 

But they already have their pedigree and calling names: Spiridom Shadow of Aire Sky, Spiridom Simply the Best Sid

                                                                                                 And a girl Spiridom Smart Lady - Loti.:-)


Today our R litter celebrated 5 months. :-)

Happy birthday and stay healthy, joyful and curious!


At last, our fluffy little balls are here.:-)

In late evening hours three beatiful brown-white, chocolate puppies. Two boys and a girl.

They are all healthy, very active and constantly hungry. Mother Lia is tired, but will soon be playful and full of energy.



Autumn moments:-))



Agility race in KD Koper

A2: Petra & Lexi - 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petra you are the best:-)))))

They ranked 5th in national and cup championship in season 2017.

In cup championship our Tanja with Inn and Winny placed 5th and 6th.

Congratulations to Petra and Tanja and to all the others Spiridoms. You are great! I am proud of you. nasmeh



Agility race in KD Hrušica

A3: Nuša & Ling - 2nd place!!!

      Tanja & Winny - 3rd place!!!

      Petra & AC - 9th place

      Tanja & Inn - 12th place

      Boštjan & Molly - 14th place

Bravoooooo, congratulations :-)) smeh



Happy birthday our dear litter E. Stay good and healthy.



Agility race in KD Radovljica

A2: Petra & Lexi - 6th place

A2: Boštjan & Indy - 12th palce

A3: Tanja & Inn - 6th place

A3: Tanja & Winny - 12th palce

Big congrat to all.:-))



Happy 8th birthday our dear litter G. Stay  healthy and naughty.

Didi sends lots of kisses to you and to all Spiridom gang too.




Agility race in Kd Duplica

A2: Petra & Lexi - 1st place!!!

A2: Boštjan & Indy - 6th place

A3: Petra & Ac - 9th place



Najs on holiday at little Ru and Kala :-)) Thank you for keeping them.


Happy birthday our dear litter N. Stay good and healthy.

Najs send lots of kisses and wishes for you to send some photos...:-)))


Puppies from litter R are in their new homes. Towards new adventures, knowledge and experience!

Be happy, healthy and full of joy our little cuties. Photos will be in their respective albums in gallery.

Movie: CLICK















Agilty race in Kd Ljubljana

A2: Petra & Lexi - 7th place

A3: Teja & Oxi - 1st place!!!

       Nuša & Ling - 3rd place !!!

       Tanja & Winny - 8th place

Big congrats to all of you! And now, you can go to hollidays......



Here at Spiridom, things are veeery exciting last couple of days:-))

Our sweet little puppies are bigger, stronger and braver evey day. They seem to never run put of energy. They are 7 weeks old.

In the next week we have to install chips, vacinate, have veterinary examination and have also lots of fun. We just hope the heat won't be so merciless.

At the end of the week, new adventures await...smehjok


Živa, who has our Kai - Litter K, knitted super-duper nice blankets, collars, leashes and toys. We are very happy with everything she created, thank you Živa :-)))

If you want to order something you can reach Živa directly at +38651 230-818

Webpage address to her webpage is written on photo below. Or go to category: Collars, leashes... 

This is the equipment for our girls:-))) smeh



Our puppies are getting stronger. These days, the heat is extreme, we are cooling in water, dipping our paws and bellys, resting in shadow... thats why we look more like little piggies. :-))) We are 6 weeks old.

New pictures are in gallery, category Litter R.


Agility race in Železniki

A1: Teja & Sky - 7th place

A2: Petra & Lexi - 4th place

     Gregor & Issac - 9th place



Another week is around - and today we are 5 weeks old :-)

Every day is more active, we are spending more and more time outside... having lots of fun, but also sleeping a lot.



Today is our Kobi's first birthday.   Kobi you are our sunshine, perfect little dog full of energy and lovely character.

We love you so much, our little girl :-)))













9.6.2017 we celebrated our first month.

Because little puppies are more and more curious and playful, we are a bit late with uploading new pictures.

Weekend was interesting - playing with different toy each day, getting visitors and looking forward to cuddle and play... and also biting :-)))



Agility race in Domžale

A2: Lexi & Petra - 1st. place!!!

A3: Oxy & Terja - 9th place

      Ling & Nuša - 10th place

      Molly & Boštjan - 12th place



Agility race in Ptuj

A1: Živa & Kai - 4thplace

A3: Tanja & Winny - 6th place

      Nuša & Ling - 10th place

     Teja & Oxy - 11th place

     Tanja & Inn - 12th place

Big congrats to all of you!!!


Our puppies are now 3 weeks old and they began to explore the world around them, got the paste against worms and were also fed mothers milk through the bottle.

In the upcoming days they will start eating less liquid and more solid-ish foods. We are in for a alot of fun.....:-)))

You can find other photos in gallery in section Litter.


On friday 26.5. litter R was two weeks old. They got their names and they opened their eyes.

Mostly they are still sleeping and drinking milk....but sometimes they are playing, walking arround and barking a little bit.


Girls: Spiridom Run baby Run/ Ru, Spiridom Rey of Sunshine/ Rey, Rebellion in Dreamland/Nyx

Boys: Spiridom Ret of Light/ Rey, Spiridom Rising Star/Oxy, Spiridom Rossi/Ros in Spiridom Rise and Shine/Chase



Agilty race in Sl. Bistrica

A1: Isa & Ash - 13th place

A2: Petra & Lexi - 10th place

       Neja & Loox - 13th place

A3: Tanja & Inn - 1st PLACE!!

        Boštjan & Molly - 3rd PLACE!!!!

Big congrats to my dogs:-)))


Agilty race in Ljubljana

A2: Petra & Lexi - 4th place




Pupies are one week old. They grow really fast.

We had a special visitor - Gas came to see his puppies:-))

More photos are in gallery, litter R.



Happy birthday my litter D :-) Stay healthy and happy for many years....



Agilty race in Zreče

A3: Tanja and Inn - 5th place

A3: Boštjan and Molly - 8th place




Friday brought us 7 little puppies.:-) Labor was quick and without complications.

Mummy and puppies are feeling great. You can find more pictures in gallery - Litter R.

All future owners - choose a name for your puppy which starts with a letter R. Spiridom....Ronaldo.mežik



We are still waiting for our six lovely puppies from Najs & Gas:-)))



Agility race in Maribor

A1: Isa & Ash - 1st place!!!

A1: Teja & Sky - 6th place

A3: Teja & Oxi - 1st place!!!

A3: Nuša & Ling - 7th place

Big congrats:-)




A little more than 10 days and we will meet babies from Najs and Gas.:-)

Najs is still very active and playfull dog.smeh


Moments from last walks and a little resting.....



Agility race in Celje

A1: Živa & Kai - 5th place

A3: Tanja & Winny - 5th place

      Tanja & Inn - 6th place



Walking in the rain;


Agility race in Zagorje ob Savi

A1: Živa & Kai - 6th place


Agility race in Krim

A1: Teja & Sky -6th place

A2: Petra & Lexi - 2nd place

      Boštjan & Indy - 11th place

A3: Tanja & Inn - 3rd place

      Teja & Oxi - 6th place



My, our Didi... we love you very much! We wish you that we could enjoy together, play together, kiss each other... play catch for many many years... Stay HEALTHY and crazy, my darling :-)))



Our Najs is pregnant and there are quite a few little puppies in her belly.:-)))

Najs is still very active, she doesnt mind the puppies at all. each one is approximately 1cm in size.


Gladly, everything turned out great! our Criss will be back in action in no time:-)))


Today our K litter is celebrating 4th birthday! We wish you a lot of happy, healthy and successful!

Didi & Orio and all Spiridomčkismeh


Spring action in full throttle! We ere taking walks, trips, skiing, celebrating 6th birthday of our Zarja and were mating our Najs:-)


Winter agilty cup 2017

A3: TEJA & OXY - 1st  place!!!

A3: Tanja & Inn - 7th place!


Congrats girls:-)))












Congratulations to both!


Agility race in Emona

A3: Tanja & Inn -  1st PLACE!!!

A3: Teja & Oxi - 2nd PLACE!!!



For many more healty and happy years, dear litter H:-)) And many victory on parkours!!!  čin, čin



Agility race in Prestranek.

Tanja & Winny - 3. place! Congrats:-)



Our love Criss-ka celebrates her 11th birthday!   We wish her many more healthy years, long walks...

We love you to the moon and back dear my Criss >3

All the best we wish to all C-litter...stay healthy and happy!













Happy 3rd birthday to our litter M - Misty, Magic and Mozart. We wish you a lot of healthy and playful years!

Jj & Chap & all Spiridomers