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                                                                                       Welcome to our web page:-)

PLANNED LITTER "W" - winter 2021/2022

Mom: Spiridom Nice but Naughty- Nice & Dad: Flyline Arctic light - Art


For more informations go to planned litters or call:+386 41/243-195 or write to our e-mail address: spiridom@gmail.com





We are celebrating again.
This time I wish happy 9th birthday to our big J litter... Stay healthy, full of energy and surrounded by love also in the upcoming year💙🎀🎂🥂💖
Have a nice celebration today.😘🤗🎂🥰


Greatly spent day with our super Domžale-Kamnik and Postojna dogs💙💙💙.
A trip to Velika planina, we went on snow ☃️❄️☃️. Of course the puppies and children were having a winter blast ❄️⛄❄️🛷
Hope we repeat it soon ... 😃💖🤗


On this day, two years ago, a bit before 2 AM Loki and others from Litter U cried to this world. 🥰
That made Lia & Hart a proud parents of 6 playful doggies. 😍
Have a nice celebration today and stay  good, healthy and naughty also in the upcoming year ... 😘😈💖


All of our girls on todays sundays trip ❤️💚🧡💙💜.
Panda has already included in the play with frisbee - a cool little girl.
We missed a bit of sun though, but we are accustomed to there being almost no sun in Ljubljana during winter... 🤔😪🤪😈🙈















While the young ones are educating themselves in front of the computer, this week often  together with Panda. But they are also clicking tricks, teaching orders, talking walks, because having a puppy does not mean only happiness and joy but also responsibilities and caring, not just on the first week or month...
and also when we don't feel like it and there's rain and cold, we have to go out on a walk... then at home we need to take a shower to clean dirty paws...
...others are enjoying in nature.


Already 16 years ago my great love for breeding these wonderful, positive, sensual, joyful and energetic Border doggy paws has sparked.

9.12.2004 our first magical litter, when we didn't have a kennel yet, which we later named Litter A. The litter of our nice Luya and legend Izi.
That was still in our little flat in Vič ... all together with little Andraž, unforgettable and surrounded with love
My dear Hither Thither, Hiker Icebreaker, Helter Skelter, Heady Steady, Heyday Lullaby in Happy go Lucky..... you will forever stay in my heart, thoughts, soul and will forever be my most special rock'n'roll, FOREVER❤️
The last to leave was our Happy go Lucky - Ringo, he was a really special puppy, he and Taja had a really special connection and I believe that they will have it for a long time to come
See you in infinity in next life,
my best litter forever 🌈🖤
We are sending you kisses and hugs from all the Spiridomers, there, beyond the rainbow.



First socialisation of our Panda  🐼❤️
She did excellent, with new Truelove Jungle body-leash she was so cool and she melted hearts of anyone whom we stumbled upon. 🌟🌌🌠
Our infinitely cute teddy bear. 🐼🥰.


Perfect sunny monday for L-gang birthday wishes.... Be healthy and happy for many more years❤️🥳🍾🎁🎂
Indy & Loox puppies👌😍


Our little puppies have reached 7th week of age. In one of  next days we will visit a veterinarian where we'll do a complete exam, vaccination and chipping.

Most importantly, we still have a couple of days of hanging out together, wrestling and snuggling :-))) At the start of next week, new adventures await in their new homes, where their new owners cannot wait to welcome them ...smeh

For more photos go to gallery litter X.














Nice & Kan puppies have 6 weeks:-))

For more photos go to gallery litter X.














Nice & Kan puppies have 5 weeks:-))

For more photos go to gallery litter X.














Happy birthday litter O, stay healthy and happy....>3


Our little puppies are now a month old. They are slowly more and more active and playful:-)))

For more photos go to gallery litter X.













Happy 10th birthday litter I. Stay healthy and playfull for many more years.-)))


Our best hikings ...hiking by night to  Zelenico, night Šmarna gora, Krim, Osolnik...



Our babies are now 3 weeks old and they began to explore the world around them, got the paste against worms and were also fed mothers milk.

In the upcoming days they will start eating less liquid and more solid-ish foods. We are in for a alot of fun.....:-)))

They already have their pedigree names: BOYS:Spiridom Xoni, Xun, Xan in Xsander

                                                                           GIRLS: Spiridom Xtra special Indy, Xtremely nice, Xmas Roxy

For more pics go to gallery-> litter X














Another week is around and our Spiridomers are 2 weeks old now and are slowly opening their eyes.

For more pics go to gallery-> litter W

For more information go to -> Litters -> litter X



Autumn the best hiking....



Happy 3rd Birthday litter S 🤩💞

Lia & App puppies🥰
Be happy and healthy for many more years🍀🎉🎁🎂




Puppies are 1 week old.


Today is our second day together.🥰
Every morning we have care and weight control . 💪😀 They are all eating dilligently and are gaining weight. 😉🐾
Our puppies wish for a cool names starting with the letter X and are begging you for a couple of ideas😁💙👌
Spiridom X....
In gallery litter X you can view more photos... and in category litters / litter X.



Very successful and enjoyable day is behind us 😁
We have met and cuddled our 7 little puppies. ❤️
Nice x Kan puppies litter X🤩
4 boys and 3 girls.
The delivery went fast and without complications💪.
The mother and the puppies are great and are hungry all the time😀🥰
Now it is time to cuddle, snuggling... top. SPREADING LOVE 🤗🐾🍀❤️💙❤️



This week was really something, that is why with a bit of delay we congratulate Igor and Ru (litter R) sincerely for the last fulfilled condition to progress to upper level, agility A2 and for 4th place on saturdays race. 🍀😃
You very hard-working, we are so proud of you. 🤩🐾💪



Agility race in Ptuj
Igor & Ru 1st place in A1 large!!! 🐾🤩🏆🥇💪
Big congrats😍👌😀




Niki and Živa are enjoying agility training with Manca at KD agility Ilirija.  🐾😍👌



Our super great young girl Flame - pup from Lia & App from litter S, placed 9th out of 29 competitors in qualifiations for FCI Obedience world championship. This was the first qualification competition out of 3, the next two will be in January and February. Two of the best results count for qualifications. There are probably from 6 to 8 participants from Switzerland.
Big congrats to Myriam and Flame💪🥳🥰



On saturday 5th of September there was an agility race in KD Celje. V soboto 5.9. se je odvijala agility tekma na KD Celje.

In category A1 large Igor and Ru won in agility race and placed 5th overall!

In category A3 large Tanja and Winny placed 3rd!

In category veterans Petra and Ac placed second!

Congratulations to all, you are the best!!! smeh



On this sunny saturday we were in Kranjska Gora and Planica. Together with Viggo and Sky as the only boys among girls,😘 we walked to Tamar and climber to the source of Nadiža. At the end we cooled a little bit.
We welcomed Miha and Lana in Kranjska Gora, who were brave enough to climb Vršič with their ponies. Redbullgonipony🥳 Bravooo! 😅
Nice trip in spite of great crowds🤪😝😂




Happy birthday for your 12th birthday our dear E litter 🥳🎂🥂🎁
Stay healthy, happy and with us for a long time💪🥰🥳🐾



With Niki we accompanied our youngest girls into the fourth class. 🐾🤩
Cute and special day 👌, yet tomorrow action awaits.



Our Ru placed 2nd in agility race in Lesce yesterday in category A2 large. 🥈🎉🤩🥳
Congratulations to Igor and Ru👌💪😁🐾


Today we were with Timy and Sabina on Oljska mountain.
Hooray, another beautiful and relaxing trip 🥰😃🐾👌


Hello from St. Mary mountain. 🐾😃💪


To keep our pregnant Nice cool and to satisfy her need for splashing, we are squirting a lot and dipping in the pool a lot. 
⛱️🐳🌊😘🐾, a simple and relaxing party in home yard is the best  💪👌🤩⚽.



Puppies of Nice and Kan, our little puppies are growing rapidly, yay 🤗😃🥰
We are too happy, to the sky and back 😁❤️.



Today, together with Staša, Neil and Di, we cruised on Pokljuka, mountaineered, mushroomed, sweated... walked 15km, went to Bled cottage on Lipance,  where they have a cute heart-shaped lake, past the beautiful mountain Zjavornik.😍
Holiday of puppies spet in beautiful nature in great company.
Staša we shall repeat this soon... next time we go a bit higher.💪😘🤗
At the evening comeback we shall have a traning in Ljubljana. 👌💪😁
Actioooonnn... Border rules😃🐾🤗😘














Summer in a shell part II. 🥰🍀🐾👌😘🐳🐠🐙

Summer in a shell 2020 and our youngest Spiridom Ziggy at 5 months of age.













Today our litter D is celebrating their 11th birthday! Stay healthy for a long time and full of energy, čin, čin! smeh

Happy birthday guys!  More photos in gallery, litter G...



A walk with Chily and hers. Happiness on a leash :-)

More photos in gallery, Litter U, Chily...



Field trip with our youngest family member Ziggi :-)

More photos in gallery, litter Z...



Mountain trip to Polhograjska Grmada.



We mated our Nice. More info in category "Planned litters".

We are expecting the puppies around 30th of September 2020. They'll be available only for active owners!

For information call: +386 (0)41/243-195 or write on e-mail: spiridom@gmail.com


We have a four leaf clover for good luck and natural Cannabis droplets for health.:-)))


We had a visit from Miha with Viggo and Sky. 💙


Today was Niki's first birthday! We celebrated also with our cat Pablo
Because our children are at sea side we didn't sing as loud, yet we blew the candle anyway!
Then we ate the tasty cake.
Happy birthday to our sweetheart Niki.
Stay healthy, nice and cuddly!

Love you Niki.



Good morning, we wish you a relaxing sunday!
Today, we Spiridomers will have a party, because our V litter will blow their first candle on the cake.
Happy birthday our young ones, who are beautiful and nice!
Stay healthy, playful and nice!
Kisses from mother Nice and father Art and the rest of us!
Have a nice celebration!



Straight from the sea and quickly to a birthday party with a cake for our Nice.
Happy birthday our sweetheart, chin chin to a many more healthy and playful years from everyone!
We love you endlessly!



On this day 6 years ago our N litter surprised us.
Chin chin, to a many more healthy and playful years from all Spiridomers.
Have a nice celebration!



A couple of moments from the beach.



Our beatiful brother Vejron.



Fresbee race in Zagreb.
Sky 1st place
Viggo 2nd place
Congratulations to Miha and both our boys




Some are cooling in the sea, while we go where there is beautiful nature, beautiful grass-fields, peace and refreshing river.



Two nice summer walks in the company of two nice families: with Ema and Aleš from Postojna and with Alja from Murska Sobota.



Koby you are our heart, which never runs out of batteries for tireless barking and running! we wish you a happybirthday for your 4th birthday. Stay healthy and cute for another 100 years!



Super saturday in the best company. Thank you family Bračun, you are the best!
Celtic walk was a great choice. Even though we scared some fish in Mura river.
Picnic, swimming, cudling with little rabbits and relax play in your backyard was a top notch experience.
If not before, we repeat it next year.



On this friday 12th of June our T litter is celebrating their 2nd birthday. Mother Nice and father Art are sending you a lot of kisses and with all of us Spiridomers wish, chin chin to you a lot more healthy, playful and daring years!
Happy birthday to my beauty and bon appetit!



My Spiridomers, I invite you all to a meet-up before summer!

We shall meet on saturday 13.6. between 10.30 and 11.00 am in Šentilj. We would go hiking on Celtic path to Mura river, where our puppies can refresh.

The path is nice and quiet and goes through the wood.

When we return we will have traditional picnic at Sura's backyard.
Because they have a pool, make sure you have a swimming suit with you.

In case of a bad weather, the meeting shall be on 20th of June.

For participation confirmation and more info, contact me via FB.



Today's sunday trip



On today's saturday day we visited Goriška and our Joy, sister of Niki.

We went on a nice walk and refreshed in a water. At the end we had a dessert and cherries!

Thank you Irena and the girls for a great company!



In these emotional days we enjoyed the company of our TImmy.
Thank you for the company :)
Criss we miss you...



Whoever you love, never dies... they are just far, far away...
Criss, thank you for all the years of your company, super puppies to whom you were a great mother, your love and courage.
When I close my eyes we are always together.
Here are some last photos of Criss.



Today's trip on the most beautiful grass fields on outskirts of Ljubljana with our little Ziggy and his family.



Femily🤩 litter V




Happy birthday to our Litter D for their 13th birthday!
To a lot of beatiful moments Don and Sena, and to the rest of you lots of kisses to over the rainbow!




Today our R litter is celebrating their 3rd birthday.

Happy birthday my beautiful ones.



Our beatiful little Ziggy is growing rapidly.



Finally back in the beautiful nature :-)



Corona times are not so bad, we are enjoying :-)


Our little Ziggy is now 8 weeks old which means it has come time for him to enter into the new chapter of their lives - they'll be welcomed into his new home where their owners are waiting for them in excitement..-)))

See you soon my little one, take care of yourselve!











Happy Birthday my sweet dogy Didi!! you are allreday 13 years old, be happy and healthy, many more years.
We love youuuu>3>3>3


Happy 7th Birthday our litter K, stay healthy and happy....:-)



Ziggy - 3 weeks old



Our sweet little Ziggy - 2 weeks old


Happy 10TH Birthday our litter H - stay healthy and happy>3>3>3



Our little Ziggy is growing! He has a lot of milk and snuggling at his disposal, which can be clearly seen:-)))

More photos in his gallery, litter Z....



On wednesday evening we welcomed our only (sadly) tough boy in litter Z... Thanks to veterinary Trstenjak-Zajc, especially to Rado for all his help.

He was pretty big at birth, weighing 490 g.



Our one and only super Criss celebrated her 14th birthday.. 

Stay with us for a long time healthy and always hungry :-)))



Our gallery is updated :-)

Our young Flame did her first competition in class 3 and she qualified for swiss championship 💪💪💪
Big Congrats:-)


Our youngest Niki is already a real lady. Her V litter's is now 6 months old.
All the best for our litter M🥂🍾🎂💖


Ultrasound showed there are not a lot of puppies :(

Saturday agility afternoon and a trip to relax 👌🤩😅😘💪.

Happy birthday our dear litter F for your 11th birthday to Kal, FLy, Lu, Finn, Ice, Shanty and Feni💙❤️💙
To many healthy and active years from all Spiridomers🥂🍾🎉🎂💖


Our Ac won A2 cup in winter cup agiliy Slovenia 🏆🥇💪💖
Congratulations Petra and Ac💙🙌😘💖

Trip in a true winter idyllic set 🙈🤪💚
We hope that the new year brings at least some snow 🙏🎅💖.


Happy holidays, full of health and joy doing things you love

Let our Spiridomers make a joyful 2020 for you and give you a lot of wet kisses💖😘

Have a nice holidays and we'll see you at our meetings 💪💙🎉🎅.

Thank you all and each every one of you for the nice wishes 👌❤️

Happy 4th Birthday our sweet litter P💖

Stay healthy and happy.

Hugs and kisses from mom Lia and dad Flynn💙😘💙


Happy december continues to boy joyful :)
Today our J litter celebrates its 8th birthday 💙💚❤️
Stay healthy, playful and happy for a long time with your families 💖
Enjoy your celebrations my dears 🥳🎂☃️🎉🥰

Kisses from mommy Didi and father May and all of us 🎅😁😘


Today our U litter is celebrating ther 1st birthday.🎂🦌🤩
Stay healthy, happy and playful for many years to come, and keep on learning new things 💪👍

Today with your loving and caring families enjoy the celebrations and make sure to eat a lot of cake😅🙈🎉🎂🎅.

Happy birthday to our doggies 🤩🧁💓, see you soon.

Kisses from every one of us, especially from mommy Lia, Tina and father Hart 💙💚💙


On 9.12.15 years ago we happily welcomed our first litter from Luya and the legend Izy :) ❤️
We are very proud of our 15 years old Ringo, who is still keen on taking trips, even to mountains, he still likes to eat a lot and good and is a best friend of Taja and others who take a great care of him 💞💓💖.
Thank you, you are the best 🙏💪🙌💚.

My Ringo, stay with us for a long time, enjoy every moment with your loved ones to the max💖
Have a great celebration today 🎂🎉☃️💞🎁.


Top trip with great company :)


During this week, we succesffuly finished 1st degree of little school with our litter V.
We had a great time with Urša  Urška Godler, who learned us a lot 
Next week we are starting with 2nd degree of little school :)
You can also visit some other course during winter in Mr. Park school in Ljubljana, where we are practicing at warm place and are having great time with our dogs. :)

We cannot wait and our dogs even more! 💪💚☃️



Yesterday our girls had great success in winter agility cup in Ljubljana; in category A1, Ru was second, in category A2, out super veteran Ac (almost 10 years of age) beat all of her competition 💪👌🙌

Ac video:

Ru video:

Coooongratulations girls, congratulations also to Petra and Igor🏆🎉😍



On this day 6 years ago, our Litter L cried to this world. Stay healthy, full of energy and craziness for many years to come!:)

Hugs and kisses to all of you🐾❤️💚💙🧡


Two weeks ago our jung girl Flame (litter S -Sia) in Rally obedience competition in France in class 2, WONNNN,

🏆🥇👏😍 with 264 points. Now she will go to class 3.
Big congrats both girls, Miryam and Flame💜🥰💪


We are proud to inform you that last week during 9th and 10th of November our girls Petra and Ac participated in agility weekend races in Zagreb. On both days they beat all of their competitors in the group A2 large.

Even at the age of 9 and a half, Ac is still in a great form :)
Congrats girls!👍💪🏆🧡🐾


Happy 5th birthay to our O litter :)

Stay healthy and successful at agility
Have a good celebrations! 🎉🎂🤩💙


A trip to seaside and the years last swimming which was also Niki's first 😘☺️💛.
We visited Niki's brother Vejron 💙😁🧡


For the end of the holidays - a walk with Čili 🍁🐾🧡🥰


Our little cuties V-ers are growing rapidly and learning new skills. They are 3 months old.

THey are very good... just like their parents 😂😜🥰🐾🧡



Our youngest Spiridomers from litter V are today 3 months old... How fast the time flies... soon they won't be our little fluffy balls anymore!  😎🍁🧡🐻🤩🧡🐾


Happy 9th birthday to our doggy boys and girls. Stay healthy and full of energy. Enjoy today in the warm autumn day and we wish you a lot of goodies :)


Autumn mix:)


Brina has successfully passed her first SAR exam RH-FL/V., level V - rescuing in the nature.

Even the strong rain did not bother her.

Congratulations to Alenka and Brina :-)


Today, our three super-duper doggies are celebrating their 2nd birthday. To a lot more healthy and sportly successful years from all Spiridomers, especially from mother Lia and father App :-)



Some of the highlights from our meet, more photos in the gallery. Thank you for great company, photos! If no before, we repeat it next year. Invitation for the next meeting goes also to those who did not make it this year :-)



Finale in agility cup of Slovenia, in Zagorje.

Our Ru placed at great 3rd place, and placed 2nd in the cup for the whole season :-))

Sincere congratulations to Ru and Igor. smeh


Today we got a visit from Katja and daddy Art... Unfortunately most puppies already went to their new homes, but they've met some of them :-)

Happy familly:-))) smeh



Our great agilitier Spiridom Kuper (Mors) from litter K, who lives in Ukraine placed 6th in the World agility championship in agility and jumping race!!! Congratulations Mors and Ivaschenko Alexandra smeh



Our little ones are now 8 weeks old which means it has come time for them to enter into the new chapter of their lives - they'll be welcomed into their new homes where their owners are waiting for them in excitement..-)))

See you soon my little ones, take care of yourselves!



In Ptuj there was an agility race where our Ru - Litter R has won the amazing 5th place. Congratulations .-))

And also the sisters have met - Li and Suri from Litter U and our beautiful Eli from litter T.



Our little puppies have reached 7th week of age. We were on a longer trip and a picnic where we had a grand time. Photographer Jure did some amazing photos (under), thank you Jure :-))) They drove in the car in the box and were very good. Next week we will visit a veterinarian where we'll do a complete exam, vaccination and chipping.

Most importantly, we still have a couple of days of hanging out together, wrestling and snuggling :-))) At the end of next week, new adventures await in their new homes, where their new owners cannot wait to welcome them ...smeh



Our kids are now 6 weeks old:-)))


Happy Birthday our litter E - Emilly, Molly, Sunny, Zaki in Izy...stay healthy and active for many years:-)))



Our La - from litter U and her Urša they again made tricks movie.  CLIK

La is 8,5 months old. Good girls:-))



Our kids are now 5 weeks old:-)))



Our beauty Eli and her Vanja made a few beatiful holiday photos :-)  More in her gallery - litter T.



Our little puppies are now a month old. They are slowly more and more active and playful. During this week our little Eli, who will now be Joy, got her own super family with Patricia, with whom they will enjoy in agility.

We also got a visit from Eli, Vanja and Dejan... we got a bunch of beatiful photos, which you can find in gallery - litter V. Thank you Vanja:-)))



Our littel sweet girl still waiting to her new active and caring owners....more photos on gallery, litter V.



Enjoy my dears, today is your 10th Birthday so cin-cin to many healthy and happy years among us wish you all of the Spiridomers.




Our babies are now 3 weeks old and they began to explore the world around them, got the paste against worms and were also fed mothers milk.

In the upcoming days they will start eating less liquid and more solid-ish foods. We are in for a alot of fun.....:-)))

For more pics go to gallery-> litter V


Our twins:-) They have the same parents but come from a different litters.



Our littel girl still waiting to her new activeand caring owners....more photos on gallery, litter V.



Another week is around and our Spiridomers are 2 weeks old now and are slowly opening their eyes.

But mostly they are still sleeping and eating. Today each one of them already weighs around 1000 grams..0

They already have their pedigree names: BOYS: Spiridom Very Extraordinary Lux

                                                                                        Spiridom Voice of my heart Viggo

                                                                                        Spiridom Vejron

                                                                                        Spiridom Vini

                                                                          GIRLS: Spiridom Valley of Joy

                                                                                       Spiridom Version of life

                                                                                       Spiridom Velvet love

For more pics go to gallery-> litter V


Our little babies are one week old. Laughing

For more pics go to gallery-> litter V

For more information go to -> Litters -> litter V



Our Čili is a multi talented border collie ...SHe is very dilligent and geekz, likes to cudle, enjoys the sea, drives on the sup and

she managed to meet Denis Avdič and have a photoshoot with him :-))

Congratulations you are the best.smeh



In early morning hours our little puppies have been born :-)

The birth wernt flawlessly and fast. The mother and her children are healthy and sound 💪😘🐾💖

They are dilligently eating from their mother.

There are 3 girls and 4 boys.

2 girls are tricolour, 1 girl is blue merle tri
3 guys are trikolor and 1 boy is blue merle  tri.

More pictures are in gallery-> litter V. More info in the category Litters->Litter V :-)



Vse najboljše dragi moji N-jevčki Nia, Notty, Nice >3, Nuri, Nitra, Speedy, Ice, North in Neil za vaš 5 roj. dan. Bodite še naprej zdravi, igrivi in prijazni pesjančki. Neilu pa vse čestitke saj je že zelo uspešen reševalni kuža.

Lepo praznujte in dober tek😋😋😃🥰🎂
Poljubčke pošiljata tudi Didi in Ice😘😘😘
In vsi Spiridomčki




Our Flame, daughter of Lia and App won at her first rally race🏆🥇💪👏. Great 👏👏👏

Clip : CLICK



Our dilligent girls Urša and La have made their second movie showing their trick skills: CLICK



Our little scholars from litter U have already finished 2nd degree of junior school.

Congratulations to Lidija and Suri, to Denis and Čili and to Urša and La... others are still dilligently practicing and waiting tor their examinations :-)



We announce the GREAT news that is the Nice's pregnancy confirmed:-)))



Yesterday we met in Šentilj with our youngest Spiridomers from litter U. Eventhough it was very hot we had a great time. Luckily it has a been a bit cloudy and there were couple of raind drops which did not seem to bother anyone. After the walkaround and refreshing our dogs in the pond, we were invited by Surini's to their beautiful garden with a pool on a super-duper picnic. We had a great time for so long there were no traffic jams on the highway to Ljubljana. 🤪😘. The pool is really the best!!! 💪🙏💙
All in all, the day was spent greatly in a great company of great dogs.

Thank you everyone who came. Also thank you Vanja for taking pictures and thank you Lidija and your family for a great hospitality and a meal :) 🙏💖☀️
You are a great family :) 👏👍smeh



Our little La from Litter U knows quite a few tricks: CLICK

Our Eli- litter T tricks: CLICK



Koby our little lump of love and joy... haaaappy biiiirthdaaay!!!



Our litter T are celebrating their first birthday today. Naši T-jevčki danes praznujejo svoj prvi rojstni dan.

YOu are all super nice, full of energy and healthy. Stay that way for a long time! smeh


Pleasant meet-up with litter T at river Sora :-)


Sunny trip at Gradiško lake :)



Spring trip to the seaside :-)



A trip around Austria and a visit at La.



Our little helpless lumps are growing dilligently and are quite a little scoundrels. 💪🥰...
Soon they will be 5 months old.
They are all dilligently schooling and enjoying real puppies life 👌🤩💙.


Enjoy my dears, today is your day so čin-čin to many healthy and happy months, years among us wish you all of the Spiridomers.



Today our litter R are celebrating their 2nd birthday.
All of the Spiridomers wish you many healthy, happy and competition successfull years, especially to Nice & Gas 💙🥂



Didi my queen, today 9.4. is your day,
we celebrate your 12th birthday.🎂🎁💙

Stay for many years to come healthy, youthful, playful and playfully mischeavous.💪💪💪
We love you endlessly 🥰🥰🥰☘️🐞


Our little U litter - they growing rapidly and are good at studying 💪☘️😍



Our Criss at 13 years of age is still every day happily running around catching frisbees, sticks and strongly pulls the toys. 💪🤘💙☘️🐞🙏💜
And of course also her appetite is very active 😜😋🙈😂

Let it stay that way for a looooong time. 🙏🙏🙏💪🐞



Happy happy birthday my dear K - princes and princess Ruby for your 6th birthday. 
To many happy and healthy years. 🍾🥂🎁🎂.
Have a nice celebration 😍💚👌



Trip with our little Chilli 💙🥰


Happy birthday my dear litter H. Ling is thinking about you 🙏☘️🐞.

We wish you good celebration and be happy and healthy for a many years to come. ))



Springtime walk in the middle of February with our youngest Loki and Chilli. 💞👌

Warm sun & children & puppies are a top combination👍🥰☘️🐞



Today 16.2. our Criss and Luy are celebrating their 13th birthday. Happy birthday to both of them and to the many healthy and active years! Best wishes from all of the Spiridomers :)))



Good luck our sweet little puppies:-)



Our sweet little puppies are 8 weeks old.
In the next two days they Will go to their New homes.
We Will miss them a lotttt.... Be happy our cute puppies and stay healthy.



Our little puppies are 7 weeks old. We finally got some dry and warm weather - so now we are playing also outside! In the next week we will visit a veterinarian, go to a trip and maximally try to bite and have fun.



Happy and healthy birthday:-)

JJ & Chap >3>3>3



This week we accumulated quite some photo material. That is why our "mama" has hastened a bit with the new photos. We ate fruit - apples, bananas, kiwi... we ate some briquettes, shortened the nails... yet mostly we are sharpening our teeth as much as possible. And we are also tearing and fraying anything that comes into our mouth. We went outside in the cold for a couple of minutes...brrrr:-))



Today our cuties are 5 weeks old. Every day they are sleeping less and playing more. New pics on gallery, litter U.:-)))



Sunday winter walk.....yeee snowww:-)))



Our one and only - the best DIdi, our sunshine smeh....yet again she has been a therapist, bringing lots of happiness and joy.-)))



Our puppies are a month old. This they it was their first time being outside on the grass and also first time getting to feel cold and wet under their paws :-)

All of them are full of energy and always hungry  smeh Oh, almost forgot...their teeth are making them itchy:-)))


We wish you happy, healthy and playfull Birthday. And all the best for your 10th birthday.

Stay fit and healthy...my litter F.>3>3>3



We have 3 weeks old. :-) For more photos go to gallery / litter T.



Our Spiridomers litter U, are 2 weeks old now and are slowly opening their eyes.

But mostly they are still sleeping and eating.

They already have their pedigree:

Boys: Spiridom Unforgettable Fire - red merl in Unusual Dreamer - Blue merl

Girls: Under the stars - Suri (brown), Ultra Spicy -Čili (red merl), Uilani Lilo -Li (black&white),

              Unlimited brown sugar - La (brown head).