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Rescuing is one of the cinologique discipline, where a dog searches for missing persons on different grounds (beyond ruins, lost on the ground, trapped under the avalanche). Beside searching, dog is also doing obedience and overcoming the obstacles. Training begins after the dog ends the basic school. It is desirable that the guide is an adult person.

Before the owner becoms a guide of a rescue dog, he has to pass a course and an exam of first aid and rope technology. After he passes the exams, which he has to renew on three years, his dog must do the exam, where the dogs capabilities for rescuing are tested. After the owner passes another two exams of first level with his dog (searching for missing persons in nature and searhing on ruins), he becoms a guide of a rescue dog and the dog becoms a rescue dog.

After passed exams of first level, the guide can approach to the exams of the second level.

The exams are made of searching, obedience and obstacles.

Trainings take place twice a week, and there are two organised camps, in summer and winter (searching under avalanche). Beside this camps there are seminars, abroad trainings, educations, international competitions of teams and world and national championships.

Beside doing the exams, going on competitions, international practises, rescuing is very important in real situations. A person isn't capable of finding a trapped person despite of extraordinary development of science and technology in ruins. And that can be made by a succesfully trained rescue dog. At every earthquake, at search of trapped person under avalanche, the rescue dog is because of his extraordinary efficiency a priceless human cooperator at search of missing persons in heavily transitional forests.


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