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Spiridom Griff


Our Spiridom Griff - Litter G took 14th place in world competition for rescue dogs in ruins.
He won in Slovenian team in Romania, where the international chapionship for rescue dogs took place.

Congrats Griff in Staša.smeh


As last years 2014,  this year also, Griff was very successful. First, he passed two exams, one was from missing persons in nature level/class B, second in rescuing people buried in ruins level/class B. With these exams he fulfilled the condition to enroll in world champhionship for rescue dogs.

In may, he participated in MOL  exercises, where the team was made out of three leaders and their dogs. As leaders as their dogs had to do their best at walking, rope techniques, first aid for casualty, orientation and three rescuings of missing person in nature and four rescuings persons buried in the ruins. The team, of course was very successful because Griff was part of it.

In September, Staša and Griff participated in world championship of dogs rescuers in Nova Gorica. Because of the mistake Staša made, they were not successful, although they improved obediance really well and found everyone trapped in ruins.

In October they participated in three competitions. In the beginning of October there was a team competition, where again single team had three leaders and their dogs. The team, once again was very successful! Congratulations Griff!!!

In the middle of October there was a selection for MOL unit, where Staša and Griff once again showed what they are capable of, and were successful once again!

At the end of the October they renewed their license for international unit!

We are really proud on Staša and Griff, because they are members of our country's rescue unit, regional unit, MOL unit and international unit!!!

And as a prize, Griff got himself a companyLaughing... He got a brother Spiridom Neil, which will go after Griff's footsteps in rescuing!



Griff on Saturday had been re-IRO RH-TB exam (ruin Step B) and reached norm, so that they can participate in this year World Cup Rescue Dog. Sunday is also re-passed the exam RH-FL-B (search for the missing in-kind stage B).

Congratulations to Stasa and Griff!

Litter G:

Spiridom Griff did this in this year:

Report on MRT course in Žatec

Between 1.11. and 4.11.2012 there was a MRT course in Žatec in Czech. In first term between 1.11 and 2.11. Staša and Griff participated. The guide had to pass the exam from INSARAG, complete first human and animal help, both was made of practical and theoretical test. The guide also had to pass the rope techniques test and be present on rescuings where number of missing people was unknown. She passed them all successful.

The sum of everything: seven rescuings, three at day, two at night and another two at day. In the first term there was 15 competitors from different countries: England, Croatia, Czech and Slovenia. Staša was in top 6.

They gained a certificate for rescuing in ruins and became members of rescuing dogs unit abroad.!!!

There were lavinski exams on Vogel from 24-25.3.2012, which were judged by an international IRO judge. Staša and Griff did the lavinski exam of level A, which was made of obedience, obstacles and searching of two missing persons under the snow.

From 6-8.4.2012 there was an open national championship of rescue dogs of Slovenia in Postojna. Exams were judge also by an IRO judge and Griff and Staša did the discipline RH-T-B (ruins of second level) and they were succesful. The exam was also made of obedience, obstacles and searching for three missing persons in ruins.

From 20-22.4 2012 there was an IRO international practice of teams in Žatec in Checz Republic. Together there were 18 teams, but only 14 teams were succesful and the team, where Staša and Griff cooperate, gained 4th place and reached over 80% points.

From 18-20.5.2012 there was a traditional international practice of rescue dogs, which was organised by the Department for protection, rescuing and civily defence MINOR and association of petty officers of rescue dogs of Slovenia. From 17 teams, only 6 teams were succesful, and Staša's and Griff's team gained 3rd place.

From 16-17.6 there were exams in Ljubljana judged by an IRO international judge. Staša and Griff did the RH-FL-B discipline (searching for missing persons in nature). They did well with the obedience and obstacles, they reached 92/100 points, but on searching they left an unsearched ground "because of Staša's bad orientation" (her words Wink) and unfortunatelly they didn't pass the exam.